KPI Subsidiaries

Technical International General Trading & Contracting Company and the Kuwaiti Company for Polyurethane Industries

Technical International General Trading & Contracting Company, on its quest to raise awareness required for consumers to obtain the optimal system for thermal and water insulation, left no room but it has participated in, by action and actuality, by deployment of awareness in means of storming in to the world of special materials, in general and to meet the special needs and that are commensurate with the climate of our country, which in turn does not fit completely with the traditional methods of insulation.

It was the use of state of the art laboratories global mechanism of all modern technological methods of materials and equipment, and commensurate with the atmosphere of our country.

Our experience has proved its effectiveness; the experience was the best proof to prove it. Technical International General Trading and Contracting, has proved its success in all pillars of competition for the insulation systems, and imposed its Technical as a system represent the most model and appropriate for all the government agencies and the private sector.



We should be proud of the work done by the Technical International General Trading and Contracting, to break into the modern world of insulation, attentively, according to harmonized system with the group of laboratories, research, production and marketing, in bringing and characterization of global systems of insulation for the spraying method. Accordingly, we got the precedence and lead in providing all that is universal and latest in the world of insulation, in terms of agencies, and the Technical of the materials used, and the Technical of the equipment used for implementation, which take into consideration the preservation of the environment which has been tested at the best international laboratories and approved for use in major global projects. We retained the right for direct supply and implementation in the construction sector, to maintain the Technical International General Trading & Contracting, a name and content, supporting us our associate (Kuwait Polyurethane Industry Company and sandwich panels), since it is the leading and the first company in the production and manufacture of polyurethane with international standards. Website :