Polyurethane Application

Polyurethane Application


Rigid foam has the following qualities making it suitable as insulation:
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low water absorption
  • Excellent adhesion to a range of materials
  • Thermal stability from -160oC to 120oC
  • Flow properties suitable to fill any shape of cavity
  • Good flame retardant performance
Major application groups of rigid foam include:

Building Industry

  • Sandwich panels
  • Pre-insulated pipes
  • Moulded or cut 1/2 pipe sectionals
  • Spray foam
  • Rigid slabs
  • Supports for manufacture of lightweight concrete and pre-fabricated walls / slabs
  • Thermal Insulation For Food Industry

Thermal Insulation For Food Industry

  • Refigerated show cases
  • Domestic and commercial refrigerators & deep freeze chests
  • Insulation of fishing vessel hull & storage areas
  • Ice boxes for commercial and domestic purposes
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Refrigerated trucks / transport

Thermal Insulation For Hot / Cold Purposes

  • Hot water heater tanks
  • Insulated drink and food containers
  • Temperature controlled rooms / vessels
  • Pipelines / valves